Brüpond launch at Islington

Shaking up tradition, and bringing new bold tastes to the London craft beer scene, BRÜPOND Brewery is launching its first two beers with us this Saturday at Craft Beer Co. Islington.

Not for the faint of taste buds, they are entering the beer scene with a kick. AiN’CHO MUMS Porter is a roasty, chocolaty robust porter infused with Ancho chillies which impart a slightly smokey and spicy taste that really comes out as it breathes and warms up. Next up  is a continually hopped IPA, Tip Top Hop, which will bring a new complexity to the traditional IPA. It uses 6 types of Hops which are added to the boil continuously giving it a much more complex flavor. These hops were picked particularly for their spiciness and their herbalness.

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