and the winner is…

On Monday night the homebrewing community of the UK was alert and ready to crown it’s new homebrewing champion – this champion would be walking home with a £5,000 cheque and the knowledge that their beer will be brewed with Dark Star Brewing Co at some point later in the year!

With that in mind we’d like to thank everybody who came down on Monday for celebrating the art of homebrew with us, we’d also like to thank everybody who entered the competition (all 106 of you!)

Below is a list of those beers and brewers that produced such outstanding quality that we couldn’t not give them an award!

Commendations to;

Daniel Woodruff for his superb trappist style beer!

Gareth Young for one of the finest sours we’ve ever tasted!

Kevin Bagshaw for his mind blowing beers

Daniel Van der Zee for a beautiful Belgian style blond!

Chris Taylor and Emma Victory  for their Red Snow Rye

Ali Kocho-Williams for his incredible sour beer

All of the commended homebrewers will be receive a certificate of commendation and a case of Dark Star Beer in the post this week!

The runner up;

James Morton for his Oatmeal Pale Ale – James will (if he wants to) be going to brew with Dark Star Brewing Co at another point this year.

and the winner;

Andy Parker for his American Red!