Street Diner, Brighton

June 06, 2014
Unless you’ve been hibernating cave-style for the past few months, fellow Brightonians cannot have failed to notice the surge in popularity of street food over the past year or so.

The opening of Meat Liquor on London road, which began life as a small street food van in London and reputable pubs taking on street food franchises instead of traditional franchised kitchens is the culmination of a movement that has taken over the popular consciousness and will, I’m sure, continue to grow.

Personally the best aspect of this revolution in city eating has been Street Diner. Starting out just over a year ago, a trip to the market on Friday lunchtimes has been the highlight of my culinary week from day one. I love the interaction that a street food stall allows between customer and chef. The Craft Beer Co. has always placed world class customer service at the top of the priority list so for me this interaction is of vital importance. Of course, I am very happy to eat a gourmet meal in a fine dining establishment should the occasion arise but for me nothing beats the cheery demeanour of a dedicated street vendor sharing their passion with the hungry masses. I love the fact that Christina and Kate, the ladies behind Street Diner, have had the vision and dedication to make sure that the people of Brighton have an alternative option for lunch.

There is also the important consideration that street food stalls bring gourmet food to the common person. Not everyone has the budget for fine dining experiences. Remove the vast majority of overheads that a restaurant setting has to add though and you are left with high quality ingredients at a great price. As the Craft Beer Co. always strives to bring customers the best quality beer from all over the world this also sits perfectly with me.

The organisers of Street Diner have asked me to be a judge for the 2014 Street Food Awards. The regional heats take place at Street Diner on Saturday 14th June. Members of the public can vote on the day by downloading the British Street Food app on their mobile phones. The three vendors with the most votes on the day will go through to the national competition. These vendors work round the clock so you can get your tasty lunchtime fix so please get down there on the day, download the app and support your favourite trader! I, however, have already made my choices.

So there you have it; three amazing street food vendors who I believe all thoroughly deserve to compete on a national stage. Good luck guys and see you on the 14th!

Street Diner is held every Friday and Saturday lunchtime in Brighthelm Gardens and Wednesday lunchtimes outside Hove Town Hall. Get there early for the cakes!

The Little Blue Smokehouse can also be found running a pop up kitchen at The Craft Beer Co. 22 Upper North Street, once a month on a Thursday. Please follow us on twitter @craftbeercoBN1 or Facebook – The Craft Beer Co – Brighton to be kept up to date.

The Brighton and Hove Food And Drink Awards are still accepting nominations for your favourite Brighton businesses. You can vote here:

Finally, and most importantly, don’t take my word for it – these traders need your support! Get down to street Diner, try the vast array of food on offer, download the British Street Food app and vote for your own favourite!

Thanks for reading and happy eating!

Maria Barney

General Manager, The Craft Beer Co. Brighton