We say hello to….

we say hello to….


So hopefully once a week we will be speaking to a brewery team and getting them to answer some questions for us. If you have any questions yourself please drop us a comment and we will be sure to ask for you.

So first up is The Five Points Brewing Company, based in Hackney, East London. They brew beer that is unfiltered, unpasteurized and full of flavour. Having brewed their first batch of Five Points Pale Ale way back in March 2013 . Their flagship Five Points Pale is one of a core range of three beers: Five Points Pale, Hook Island Red and Railway Porter (The porter is one our house beers). All three are available in keg, cask and bottle.

We managed to get two of team today for our questions. Doreen and Nick. So without further ado:

What was the first beer you ever recall drinking?

Nick – It was one of my dad’s… some kind of mass Scottish lager in the early ‘80s. It tasted very weird to me then—very bitter! I hated it.

Doreen – I can’t remember the first one I drank—it was probably Beer Chiang or Singha because I started drinking around the same time I was living in Thailand when I was 21. I do remember an Irish bar in Thailand where I used to drink Harp, which I preferred to Beer Chiang.

Nick – I attended Heriot-Watt’s MSC in Brewing and Distilling, and did a short BrewLab course. I did a little bit of work experience at Ascot Ales and Sambrook’s, and then I worked for Richmond Brewing Company for 6 months before starting here.

Doreen – I helped out with a brew at Partizan Brewing before I signed on with Ed and Greg at The Five Points. I also used to work for a beer distributor and managed to visit the site of Paulaner Brewery in Munich on my first day with them.

Did you attend any brewing schools or work with other breweries?

Do you have a favourite craft beer that isn’t brewed by yourself?

Nick – Where do you start? Probably the Kernel Pale Ale range.

Doreen – There are loads. I really like Ilkley Brewery’s The Chief, which is their American IPA. There’s also great stuff from Fyne Ales in Scotland, like their Jarl. Also Redemption Brewery’s Big Chief is the stuff of legend, and Pressure Drop’s Bosko is one of my favourite IPAs at the moment. As far as American beer goes, I miss Bell’s Two-Hearted Pale and Old Rasputin from North Coast.

Nick – Right now, it’s being a dad to my two kids, Neve and Arthur.

Doreen – When I have the time, I tend to do a lot of reading. Preferably in a pub. With beer.

What do you do outside brewing?

What music plays when you brew?

Nick – Right now, Future Islands is my jam.

Doreen – I tend to hijack the speakers at work the most at the brewery. We play all sorts, from Interpol to Lord Kitchener, Johnny Cash, Belle & Sebastian, The National, Wild Beasts, The Black Angels. I was playing Dolly Parton just now, and we’re now onto Future Islands because Nick wants to listen to them.

Nick – Looking forward to the release of the barrel-aged Railway Porter we have going on. Should be a great winter treat.

Doreen – Our Five Points IPA launch—should be out in a few weeks as part of our regular distribution, which is really exciting. I’m also looking for the next release of our Derailed Porter, which is our Railway Porter aged with Brettanomyces yeast. We’ll be able to have some available on bottle as well as cask this time around, and the last version was absolutely lush.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

A big thank you to Nick and Doreen for being the guinea pigs for this weekly post. If you have any questions for them please drop us a comment below.